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History of Social and Political Thought in Slovenia from 1848 till 1991

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5.06.00  Social sciences  Political science   

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S170  Social sciences  Political and administrative sciences 
history of political thought, the influence of political ideas on Slovene national political development
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1.  00375  PhD Janko Prunk  Political science  Head  1998 - 2000  586 
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1.  0582  University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences  Ljubljana  1626957  40,036 
the aim of this research project is to show the richness of social and political thought in Slovenia from 1848 till 1991 and its influence on Slovene politics. By this presentation the general perception of the Slovene national development, which still sees the importance of culture and linguistics as the most, or even the only, significant factors of this development, will be significantly modified. The results of the research (fundamental and overview articles and possible chrestomathy of social and political thought, if the Ministry for Science and Technology - MZT will finance the publication) will show that the Slovene nation and its development had influenced the development of social and political thought of Slovenes, similarly as in other European nations and that Slovenes are in this sense, no exception. Even more, the research shows significant similarities of Slovene social and political thought to the neighbouring Central European nations. Slovene influence is even present in these neighbouring nations.
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