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The role of rationalism in the modernisation of Japan and China

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6.06.00  Humanities  Culturology   

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H130  Humanities  History of philosophy 
H190  Humanities  Non-Christian religions 
Rationalism, philosophy, Japan, China, modernisation, tradition, science, humanities, Neo-Confucianism, Buddhism, Shintoism.
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1.  04026  PhD Maja Milčinski  Humanities  Head  1998 - 2000  509 
Organisations (2)
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1.  0170  University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Theology  Ljubljana  1627112  12,074 
2.  0618  Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts  Ljubljana  5105498000  62,976 
The central theme of the project will be the breakthrough of European and American rationalism as a philosophical approach, or position, and as a specific conceptual and behavioural approach. This meant a decisive break with tradition for Japan and China and their approach to truth and wisdom which, in the context of the Far Eastern intellectual tradition, had developed not just on the level of thought but also psycho-physically. It meant, too, the birth of new philosophical orientations, which have also begun in recent decades to influence the intellectual currents of Europe and America.
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