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Fire safe use of bio-based building products

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1.  25423  PhD Tomaž Hozjan  Civil engineering  Head  2014 - 2018  302 
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1.  0792  University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering  Ljubljana  1626981  25,755 
Bio-based building products have a very long history, e.g. as timber structural members. Combustibility was the main reason why bio-based building materials were banned from many applications. When performance based design (PBD) became possible many building regulations opened the market for bio-based building products. However, large differences between regulations in countries exist and the use of combustible building products is still very limited. Modern living offers attractive, flexible buildings and aims for cost efficient building techniques. Sustainability of building products became an issue. Consumers demand renewable products; however the Fire Safety of the end-product has to remain on a high level.Fire Safety Engineering (FSE) has achieved large acceptance in the recent years. FSE allows a PBD with customized building solutions. However, the available techniques are often limited to non-combustible materials.During the last decade the portfolio of building products made from bio-based raw materials has increased enormously. The material properties affecting a possible fire development vary which has been confirmed in many development projects including European researchers.This Action wants to create a platform for networking, exchange and collection of performance data, experiences, authority- and climate requirements which affect the design with respect to the Fire Safe Use of Bio-based Building Products. By systematically organisation knowledge in this area will advance at a significant higher rate. The Action will Exchange researchers, organize Workshop and create comprehensive dissemination material.
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