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Economic and social history of Slovenes

Research activity

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6.01.00  Humanities  Historiography   

Code Science Field
H003  Humanities  History and Arts 
H270  Humanities  Social and economic history 
Slovenes, eastern Alps, history, economy, society, traffic, handcraft, industry, trade, capital, money, measures
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Researchers (4)
no. Code Name and surname Research area Role Period No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  02100  PhD Eva Holz  Historiography  Researcher  1998 - 2000  208 
2.  06501  PhD Darjenka Mihelič  Historiography  Head  1998 - 2000  690 
3.  08262  PhD Stanko Pelc  Geography  Researcher  1998 - 2000  320 
4.  02716  PhD Vincenc Rajšp  Historiography  Researcher  1998 - 2000  290 
Organisations (2)
no. Code Research organisation City Registration number No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  0588  University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education  Ljubljana  1627082  30,724 
2.  0618  Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts  Ljubljana  5105498000  62,507 
The aim of the research project Economic and social history of Slovenes is the research and the publication of encyclopaedic monographies dealing with the whole variety of the economical branches known by the Slovenes from early middle ages till modern times (measures, money, traffic, handcraft, industry, trade, capital, banking etc.). Economy resulted in social relations and movements and influenced the every-day life. The monographies will systematically describe the economical and social development through various historical periods. They will be provided with illustrations, tables, maps, glossary, index. They will contend ca. 500 to 600 pages. The plan for this project originates in the researches from Slovene academy for sciences and arts in early fifties. Till now two volumes of the series issued, the History of agrarian branches I and II. The researches of the history of traffic and handcraft are progressing in parallel, the research-team is also gathering the data about measures and money circulating in the Slovene regions in the past.
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