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Science for Consumers

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1.  18584  PhD Stojan Kostanjevec  Educational studies  Head  2009 - 2012  366 
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1.  0588  University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education  Ljubljana  1627082  30,308 
The project concerns the cooperation of six institutions which work in the field of adult consumer education and/or scientific investigation of food products. The goal of the Project is the shortening of the gap between the scientist that work exceptionally with food investigation and consumersThe main expected results:1. Increased effectiveness of dissemination of scientifically based information about healthy products and nutrition;2. Improved communication between consumers and the scientific communities, and as a result of this – improved health of consumers.3. Improved communication among European scientists and NGO’s and the exchange of good practice among the participant institutions.The partnership is based on active collaboration in implementation of common activities: visits to partner countries including selected sites of best practice examples, thematic seminars/workshops for partners and informing the consumers in all possible ways. Partners will jointly prepare and widely use several outputs:1. Web page with scientifically based information about food products, nutrition.2. Innovative methodology for dissemination of food science in order to inform consumer 3. Tools for dissemination of food science in order to inform consumer (web page, video, press)Project will develop its monitoring and evaluation method to be applied to all project events and results. This Project focuses on learner involvement: the adult learners themselves will play an active role – they will create the content of the web page together with the scientists of the partner institutions. The adult learners will be assisting the development of how they want to see science communicated to themselves as consumers in a more user friendly/understandable and accurate level.Project will develop its dissemination and valorization plan. The information about the Project will be available to the representatives of adult education institutions from each country.
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