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Motivating Elderly Employees for Training and Change (MEET Change)

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1.  6007  Chamber of Commerce and Industry od Slovenia  Ljubljana  5021979  342 
In the 1990ties during the transition process, many Eastern European countries adapted a policy of early retirement to avoid mass redundancies and large-scale unemployment. Although most early-retirement programmes have been abandoned, the mindset of employees and employers has not changed so quickly and adequately: carrier planning for employees with 50 years of age or with 25-30 years of employment did not seem necessary. The main target group of this project are elderly and low-skilled workers, who have worked often for decades in the same job without any training or participation in job-rotation or any other measure that would require learning, and who cannot carry on with their job for various reasons.Project outputs / results:• SWOT analysis in motivating older and low-skilled workers for change and training including literature review, past project review, survey for HR managers & adult educators, interviews with older and low-skilled workers • Development of Pedagogic approach / set of measures on how to motivate older and low-skilled workers, • Development Training Course for HR managers & adult educators on how to implement the pedagogic approach and the set of measures• Piloting of the training course in Slovenia, Bulgaria and Hungary• Publishing of Guidebook for HR manager and adult educators in Eng, Slo, Bul, Ger, Hun and ItaThe project will- improve participation of elderly & low-skilled employees in company training, job-rotation and similar learning programmes,- improve the quality of measures in adult training/learning programmes for elderly and low-skilled employees (at company level)- enable HR managers, adult educators, TU representatives and other persons involved in company training measures to better understand and respond to the needs of elderly and low-skilled employeesIn addressing these objectives, the project will respond to the educational challenge of an aging population in Europe.
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