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1.  1612  GEA College - Faculty of Entrepreneurship  Ljubljana  5939739  1,750 
M-ASTRA project is focused on adaptation, adjustment and implementation of competence assessment tool (ICT tool) developed in the ASTRA project. Direct link between managerial competence assessment and a training plan tailored up to the needs of the tested individual are the main innovative asset of the ASTRA project. Target group of M-ASTRA project are SME managers except for start-ups and managers (owners) of small firms employing up to 10 persons. Elaboration of competence assessment tool will enable to recognize and measure SME managers’ competences. The results of training needs assessment will allow to design (define) and implement training plan. The application of innovative M-ASTRA tool will allow SME managers to have better view on their competences in relation to the strategic options of their company and where they lack competence. Training plans will help managers to make right choices on training vital for their successful performance on the market. The application of M-ASTRA tool will lead less effective SMEs in the partners’ countries to progress and compliance with EU standards. The project implementation will contribute to increase awareness about importance of life-long learning within small and medium enterprises.M-ASTRA tool will be used by all project partners as a part of their upgraded training offer addressed towards SME managers.
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