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VETAAL- Development of a training path for European Furniture Experts in Designing and Manufacturing of AAL Integrated Furniture for the Care and Support of Elderly and Disabled People

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1.  20854  Igor Milavec  Forestry, wood and paper technology  Head  2007 - 2010  16 
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1.  6007  Chamber of Commerce and Industry od Slovenia  Ljubljana  5021979  342 
The care and support of elderly and disabled people is a very emerging market niche for thefurniture sector. In order to cover the requirements of this group, more and more furniture organizations are focusing on this market even integrating AAL (Ambient Assisted Living)systems in their final products producing what is called Smart Support Furniture. However, it has been found that most of the furniture manufacturers do not have a staff with skilled employees for designing and manufacturing products for this sector according to the specific safety and mechanical needs (CE marked, ISO Standards, etc) that these products must accomplish in order to fulfill legal and safety requirements for European and International Markets.The main objective of VETAAL is to address the challenges of the vocational skill mismatch that the new demand of an AAL-integrated Habitat has produced, by the development and validation of a harmonized European curriculum based on the principles of ECVET in the area of design and manufacture of Smart SupportFurniture (furniture for the care and support of both elderly and disabled people) thatintegrates e-learning and face-to-face learning to the benefit of experts working in the furniture sector or preparing to enter the labour market and to improve lifelong learning.
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