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European Music Portfolio

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1.  0589  University of Maribor, Faculty of Education  Maribor  5089638013  12,933 
This multilateral project with partners from 7 eligible countries and CH representing initial teacher training institution, in-service teacher training institutions, teacher’s association and public authorities focuses on early language learning with the music method.Early language acquisition is a key issue for Europe. Although research indicates that already small children are capable to acquire foreign languages, the teaching of languages is not always very effective. Reasons for that can be found with the learners but also little motivating teaching and learning designs discourage children to learn FL. Applying music based teaching and learning methods could increase the effectiveness of early languages learning. There is a deep and profound relationship between music and language. Learning languages through music also reduces languages barriers. However, in classroom music plays generally a minor role. Teachers are reluctant to apply elements of music pedagogy because they feel inadequately equipped to do musical activities or music-related activities in their classrooms. Music supports the acquisition of basic competences in learners as languages skills, learning motivation, self-confidence and cultural learning and expression. The inclusion of music pedagogy in languages teaching can also bring about solutions to the much discussed continuity problem in languages learning.The main outputs of the project are:- teacher’s book with practice examples how to use music in language teaching,- Pupil’s European Music Portfolio- CPD course design for primary teachers on how to use music in language teaching,- national and European train-the-trainer courses.The project partners have developed a comprehensive strategy to disseminate the products and achieve high application of the method in initial and in-service teacher training. Though the project will have great impact on teacher training throughout Europe.
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