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Regional transfer and integration of VET practices on sustainable development

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1.  1421  Scientific research Centre Bistra Ptuj  Ptuj  5844975000 
The project tackled two main problems:1. Lack of knowledge and skills of regional development stakeholders in managing regional development - although different strategies and programmes contributed to increased capacity of regional development stakeholders, there is still a need for structured VET programmes on regional development. 2. Lack of training opportunities for regional development stakeholders – existing traditional VET programmes do not satisfy the needs of regional development stakeholders, so it is necessary to transfer innovative results from projects focusing on regional development and combine them into 1 VET programme.The overall aim was "to encourage the exploitation of existing VET innovations in the field of sustainable regional development and to make VET more open and relevant to the needs of labour market and society at large" – project will contribute to increased number of VET programmes on regional development and increased capacity of regional development stakeholders to plan and implement development actions. The project objective was "to support trainers for regional development stakeholders in acquisition of key competences and pedagogical skills via the transfer and testing of proven VET programmes in the field of sustainable regional development“. The project consortium was composed of partners directly engaged in regional development and implementation of various training events. AZRA acted as the Applicant coordinator and participated in all project activities, providing its experience and knowledge. The croatian partners supported the implementation of activities, especially in providing information regarding the needs analysis and organisation of the train-the-trainer programme. The partners from Austria, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia provided their knowledge, experience, skills and transfer the innovations into this project. The project focus was on a competitive work field (regional development) that has not been previously covered in existing curricula. The projects results tried to ensure that the VET system matched the needs of the labor market and provided citizens with skills and knowledge to exploit new career opportunities.
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