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Quality assurance for VET providers using product lifecycle Management

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1.  6007  Chamber of Commerce and Industry od Slovenia  Ljubljana  5021979  342 
Following the background of the quality indicators recommended by the EQARF framework as well as the CQAF (Common Quality Assurance Framework), the Q-PLM project aims at developing an innovative tool to produce quality assurance for VET providers based on the methods of Product Lifecycle Management. This approach has been in use in other economic sectors for years and allows the impact analysis of different variables within the lifecycle of a VET offer. Analysis shows clearly that there are not so many VET providers using quality assurance methods according to the quality indicators established by the EQARF framework and are still in need of easy to use, flexible and reliable quality assurance methodologies. The Q-PLM project will analyse the background of Product Lifecycle Management from other sectors, identify the relevant variables impacting on the VET offer lifecycle and, based on this, it will develop the beta version of an IT based tool (software) for product lifecycle management for VET providers as well as a handbook for product lifecycle management. Therefore, the main outputs of the project wil be: a) a software for active product lifecycle management for VET providers (in EN, DE, ES, NL, SI, FI and RO);b) a handbook for active product lifecycle management for VET providers (in EN, DE, ES, NL, SI, FI and RO).The main target groups of the project and its results are: VET providers who will receive an easy to use and flexible IT based tool as well as a handbook to better manage their VET offers and so improve their quality on the market; policy makers, social partners, labour market authorities all having a significant role on decisions and policies on the offers established by VET providers. All target groups are directly represented in the project partnership, ensuring significant impact beyond the consortium. Dissemination, exploitation and sustainability strategies will guarantee the short and long term impact of the results on the target groups.
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