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The landscape heritage of Slovenia and its contribution to the national territorial identity

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4.05.00  Biotechnical sciences  Landscape design   

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T250  Technological sciences  Landscape design 
S240  Social sciences  Town and country planning 
Landscape - identity - national - territory - regional - environment - cultural - globalisation
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Researchers (6)
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1.  11128  PhD Davorin Gazvoda  Landscape design  Researcher  2000  303 
2.  00949  PhD Nikolaja Kravanja  Landscape design  Researcher  2000  115 
3.  13493  PhD Ana Kučan  Landscape design  Researcher  2000  518 
4.  00934  Dušan Ogrin  Landscape design  Head  1999 - 2000  299 
5.  01304  PhD Marko Polič  Psychology  Researcher  2000  988 
6.  10982  PhD Aleksander Šiftar  Landscape design  Researcher  2000  239 
Organisations (1)
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1.  0581  University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts  Ljubljana  1627058  98,224 
The starting point of the research is a need for recognition of the nature and significance of the Slovene landscape heritage as one of the main factors of the national identity. It is justified primarily by an increasing globalisation which leads into large-scale homogenisation not only in the sphere of culture and of material goods but also of physical components of our environment. In this way it endangers the originality and identity of any national territory. The basic working hypothesis is: the exceptional landscape diversity of Slovenia, ranging from the Mediterranean over and Pannonia to Alps, generates a process of identification in the sense of the territorial attachment. In addition to this, the Slovene landscape constitutes an important part of the European cultural heritage. Following objectives were set up for the research: - to enlarge and deepen the knowledge about the national landscape heritage, which would serve also as a basis for its protection - to find out the position of the landscape in the hierarchy of social values in Slovene population - to identify development trends in the perception of the landscape heritage - to make selection of the most valuable landscapes for inclusion in national, European and world heritages.
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