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Mapping and monitoring of flora, fauna and habitats of Slovenian sea

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Code Science Field Subfield
4.01.03  Biotechnical sciences  Forestry, wood and paper technology  Paper technology 

Code Science Field
B260  Biomedical sciences  Hydrobiology, marine biology, aquatic ecology, limnology 
flora, fauna, vegetation, Slovenian sea, environmental assessment
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Researchers (4)
no. Code Name and surname Research area Role Period No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  11069  PhD Lovrenc Lipej  Biology  Head  1999 - 2003  1,076 
2.  11360  PhD Patricija Mozetič  Biology  Researcher  1999 - 2003  426 
3.  05251  PhD Borut Vrišer  Biology  Researcher  1999 - 2003  94 
4.  00757  PhD Aleksander Vukovič  Biology  Researcher  1999 - 2003  140 
Organisations (1)
no. Code Research organisation City Registration number No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  0105  National Institute of Biology  Ljubljana  5055784  13,473 
The main purpose of the project is to continue the inventory of flora and fauna begun by the Slovenian Academy of Arts and Sciences in the seventies. Together with mapping and monitoring marine flora, fauna and habitats, we are looking to assess the biodiversity of the area using different approaches. In order to conserve the biodiversity of the Slovenian coastal sea, where particular ecological conditions govern, we need to explore and catalogue those factors which are having an important impact.
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