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Latin American University Research And Doctoral Support

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1.  02887  PhD Dragan Marušič  Mathematics  Head  2015 - 2018 
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1.  1988  University of Primorska  Koper  1810014 
Knowledge transfer from Universities is universally recognised as an effective way to add value to society and the economy. Sharing knowledge, encouraging innovation and developing commercial activities all form an integral part of the knowledge economy and underpin innovation and the resulting economic growth and societal development. With the economic growth in Latin America more attention is being paid to the role and contribution of Universities in providing such knowledge. Yet, in many cases the research infrastructure, the capacity and capability to support Doctoral level research and the management of the research process and infrastructure are variable and in some cases highly limited and fragmented. New knowledge needs to be managed through a good research process and infrastructure or innovation will not occur/reach market. This requires a clear research strategy for the University and the development of an institutional research culture. The process is facilitated and sustained through the development of PhD and other forms of Doctoral students (DBA). The project aims to build the capacity of Latin American Universities to develop their research culture and construct focused, relevant and meaningful research strategies which support the need for innovation and new knowledge in the economy. Secondly, in order to support the creation of new knowledge the sustainability of contributions of the Universities to the society and economy, the project will develop the rigor, quality and transferability of Doctoral provision by building the capability and capacity for Doctoral supervision skills and Doctoral student training in Latin American Universities. The outcome from the project is a roadmap for research strategy development and a toolkit for shaping a research culture in a Latin American University, paired with a Doctoral Support Network and a curriculum of tools and techniques to help students and supervisors successfully navigate their Doctoral journey.
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