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Europeanization of Public Law

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1.  22665  PhD Aleš Ferčič  Law  Head  2013 - 2016  340 
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1.  0592  University of Maribor, Faculty of Law  Maribor  5089638015  11,407 
The Europeanization of public law has been widely ignored or underestimated in a daily practice of national public law, in particular by practitioners working in the field of administrative law. This is more or less true for all Member States. However, it seems nowadays this problem is far more acute in the new Member States, like for example in Slovenia. Important reason for the said situation was also that the two areas of law, namely the EU law and national public law, were traditionally studied separately. As a result, students gained knowledge of the EU law and of national public law, however without adequate emphasis on their interplay and effect in practice. This is the main reason for the project.This Module is designed to offer new, highly specialised EU course, which otherwise would not be offered at the Faculty. It is also open to students of other faculties, and to all interested public, e.g. to officials, judges, attorneys, teachers, etc. As some roundtable debates include English speakers, the Module is - in limited extent - also open to ERASMUS students. The Module applies innovative methods combining theoretical training, case study and simulations, one-to-one tuitions, individual work and its presentation, and in-depth discussion supported by eminent legal scholars and practitioners. These activities shall be provided within lectures, seminars and roundtable debates, supported by the "Moodle". Participants shall gain the knowledge necessary to understand the EU law and its impact on the Slovenian public law, and transferable skills needed for the right application of the EU law. New course shall expand participants' work competence and, as a consequence, shall result in more qualified graduates and people in the labour market. It shall stimulate scientific discussions and improve practice in terms of legality. Therefore, it is reasonable to anticipate the impact on the (Internal) labour market and on the Slovenian legal system.
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