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6.02.00  Humanities  Archaeology   

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H340  Humanities  Archaeology 

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6.01  Humanities  History and Archaeology 
archaeology, interdisciplinary research, landscape, artifact assemblages, archaeological periods, Slovenia, archaeological methodology, archaeological theory
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WoS  100  1,007  935  9.35 
Scopus  124  1,390  1,275  10.28 
Researchers (18)
no. Code Name and surname Research area Role Period No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  06252  PhD Mihael Budja  Archaeology  Researcher  2018 - 2024  301 
2.  25574  PhD Matija Črešnar  Humanities  Researcher  2018 - 2024  477 
3.  06486  PhD Bojan Djurić  Archaeology  Researcher  2018  373 
4.  20950  PhD Andrej Gaspari  Archaeology  Researcher  2018 - 2024  450 
5.  39169  PhD Luka Gruškovnjak  Archaeology  Researcher  2018 - 2024  53 
6.  36941  PhD Tamara Leskovar  Archaeology  Researcher  2018 - 2024  118 
7.  54057  PhD Igor Medarić  Archaeology  Researcher  2022  82 
8.  27602  PhD Tina Milavec  Archaeology  Researcher  2018 - 2024  155 
9.  55866  Danica Mitrova  Archaeology  Junior researcher  2021 - 2024 
10.  22585  PhD Dimitrij Mlekuž Vrhovnik  Humanities  Head  2018 - 2024  453 
11.  12447  PhD Branko Mušič  Humanities  Researcher  2018 - 2024  336 
12.  10759  PhD Predrag Novaković  Archaeology  Researcher  2018 - 2024  275 
13.  53487  Kaja Pavletič  Archaeology  Junior researcher  2019 - 2024  14 
14.  15245  PhD Simona Petru  Archaeology  Researcher  2018 - 2024  105 
15.  18849  PhD Katarina Katja Predovnik  Archaeology  Researcher  2018 - 2024  266 
16.  38076  PhD Manca Vinazza  Archaeology  Researcher  2022 - 2024  205 
17.  28645  PhD Katharina Zanier  Archaeology  Researcher  2020 - 2024  164 
18.  25586  PhD Andreja Žibrat Gašparič  Archaeology  Researcher  2018 - 2021  46 
Organisations (1)
no. Code Research organisation City Registration number No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  0581  University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts  Ljubljana  1627058  98,181 
Research program “Archaeology” addresses the challenges posed by a new paradigm shift in archaeology. This transition is characterized by the turn to the data, based on the results of scientific methods and new insights resulting from the analysis of large data corpora. These changes offer new interpretative potentials and open up a number of new research questions, and requires new reflection on the key concepts, a methodology of archaeological work and interpretative range of discipline. The main objective of the program is fundamental research of key problems of archaeological periods of present-day Slovenia and the wider region. Research is based on the explicit interdisciplinarity and the integration of scientific methods in the process of archaeological work. The program is particularly concerned with the conceptual development of discipline and development of new interpretive concepts, which open up new avenues of research within the program and extend the interpretative range of methods. The common thread is a concern for the methodological development of archaeological research and integration of methods in the archaeological process. Research on fundamental problems of archaeological periods of Slovenia and interdisciplinary study of landscapes and artifact assemblages allow debate on the issues of the long-term relationship between humans and the environment, cultural, cognitive, social, economic, technological, settlement and other dynamics of identities, etc. chronology. Our active involvement in international research networks, projects and discussions allow us to participate actively in the exchange of ideas and reflection on the range and the impact of modern archaeology.
Significance for science
The program group "Archaeology" addresses the fundamental problems of archaeological periods in the area of present-day Slovenia in the wider geographical, political, historical and environmental context. The research program is designed to be explicitly interdisciplinary and builds an ongoing relationship between the humanities and natural sciences. The program recognizes the interpretive challenges posed by a paradigm shift in the discipline and new interpretive possibilities offered by the scientific analyses. The program seeks to overcome the passive role of archaeology as a mere user of the scientific results and wants to actively participate in setting the conceptual framework of the discipline and the incorporation of the results into models and interpretations. The program aspires to develop and articulate new interpretative concepts and models and reflect on the interpretative range of the discipline.
Significance for the country
The main contribution of the program group "Archaeology" is in the field of cultural heritage protection. Methodological development and conceptual reflection allow more effective archaeological research and conceptual and institutional development of archaeological heritage protection. Comprehensive understanding of the spatial aspect of archaeological record facilitates the management of archaeological heritage and decision making in spatial planning that allow the integration of acquired knowledge into balanced spatial planning and sustainable development in Slovenia. Research program significantly contributes to the formation of the identity of Slovenia. Research on key issues of Slovenian archaeology exposes new aspects of the past and especially questions the ideas of identity in the past. The research program is integrated into the curriculum at the Department of Archeology, faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana.
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