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Cerkev kot dejavnik moralne zavesti v slovenski družbi (Slovene)

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6.11.00  Humanities  Theology   

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H160  Humanities  General, systematic and practical Christian theology 
moral conscience, human rights, values, human dignity, democracy, democratic state, church
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Researchers (4)
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1.  18053  PhD Anton Jamnik  Philosophy  Researcher  2000 - 2001  463 
2.  12222  PhD Vinko Potočnik  Sociology  Researcher  2000 - 2001  427 
3.  11932  PhD Anton Stres  Philosophy  Head  2000 - 2001  593 
4.  15559  PhD Ivan Janez Štuhec  Culturology  Researcher  1999 - 2001  565 
Organisations (1)
no. Code Research organisation City Registration number No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  0170  University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Theology  Ljubljana  1627112  11,933 
Democratic state does not appear spontaneously, it is based on human consciousness and culture. Democracy leans on moral conscience of human dighnity. However, the democratic state cannot ensure its moral basis. They are provided by civil society institutions, first of all by family and church, as well as by educational and cultural institutions. From this point of view, this project wants to find out to what degree the three basic institutions: family, school and church which are transmitting the values, influence the Slovenian society. Special attention will be paid to the Catholic Church in Slovenia and to its role in strengthening the moral conscience of human dignity.
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