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The quest for high-temperature superconductvity and exotic magnetism in fluoridoargentates(II)

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2.04.00  Engineering sciences and technologies  Materials science and technology   

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2.05  Engineering and Technology  Materials engineering 
Silver, Fluorine, Synthesis, Magnetism, Superconductivity
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WoS  515  10,276  8,641  16.78 
Scopus  549  11,244  9,394  17.11 
Researchers (13)
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1.  54953  Matic Belak Vivod  Chemistry  Researcher  2020 - 2024  17 
2.  19038  PhD Andreja Benčan Golob  Materials science and technology  Researcher  2020 - 2024  537 
3.  52039  Oana Andreea Condurache  Materials science and technology  Junior researcher  2020 - 2022  61 
4.  31976  PhD Mirela Dragomir  Materials science and technology  Head  2020 - 2024  123 
5.  06896  Silvo Drnovšek    Technical associate  2020 - 2024  306 
6.  52043  PhD Darja Gačnik  Physics  Junior researcher  2020 - 2022  52 
7.  30036  Brigita Kmet    Technical associate  2020 - 2024  169 
8.  30880  PhD Matic Lozinšek  Chemistry  Researcher  2020 - 2024  232 
9.  04587  PhD Barbara Malič  Electronic components and technologies  Researcher  2020 - 2024  1,482 
10.  29547  PhD Mojca Otoničar  Materials science and technology  Researcher  2020 - 2024  171 
11.  33270  PhD Kristian Radan  Electronic components and technologies  Researcher  2020 - 2024  86 
12.  26468  PhD Hana Uršič Nemevšek  Electronic components and technologies  Researcher  2020 - 2024  659 
13.  38131  PhD Miha Virant  Chemistry  Researcher  2022 - 2024  66 
Organisations (1)
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1.  0106  Jožef Stefan Institute  Ljubljana  5051606000  91,415 
This project will gauge the potential of Ag2+ cation in new superconducting and exotic magnetic materials. Specialized experimental methods and techniques derived from inorganic fluorine chemistry and solid-state chemistry will be applied to tackle a novel and highly-challenging study which holds the potential to bring a breakthrough in science – the discovery of a new, Ag2+-based, family of superconductors. Very recently, Ag2+-F-based materials have been recognized as analogues to Cu2+-O-based compounds. The Ag2+ cation is uncommon and hard to stabilize and its chemistry and thermodynamic stability is limited to compounds where this cation is found in a fluorine environment. Moreover, the Ag2+ fluorides are very reactive making the handling and investigation of such compounds a very challenging process. This project proposes a unique team that blends rare skills of synthetic fluorine chemistry, solid-state chemistry, and magnetism to try to advance the chemistry and materials science of Ag2+. We first plan to synthesize high-quality AgF2 in house, as well as other binary fluorides precursors and use these for syntheses of a series of fluoridoargentates(II). Several composition spaces will be explored (e.g., Y-Ba-Ag-F, Hg-Ba-Ca-Ag-F), inspired by analogies with the cuprate superconducting systems. These systems will be studied by a multi-pronged synthetic approach, namely in solution, high-temperature solid-state route, and mechanochemically. The structure-property studies will be employing a combination of methods, including X-ray diffraction, magnetic measurements, and vibrational spectroscopies, and resonance techniques. The results obtained in this study would be of paramount importance for fundamental science and for validation of computational results that predict superconductivity and exotic magnetic properties in this family of compounds.
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