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Integrated components, systems and architectures for efficient adaption and conversion of commercial vehicle platforms to 3rd generation battery electric vehicles for future CO2-free city logistics

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1.  2643  ELAPHE propulsion technologies ltd.  Ljubljana  2245132  580 
SYS2WHEEL will provide brand-independent components and systems for integrated 3rd generation commercial battery electric vehicles (cBEVs) for CO2-free city logistics. High efficiency, performance, packaging and modularity enable efficient integration. Mass production costs of e-powertrain components and systems will be considerably reduced, while eliminating negative impact on drivability, safety and reliability. The same components and systems shall be used for different commercial vehicle categories, sub-categories and brands, in urban and inter-urban applications. The project will foster the transition to a broad range of cBEVs and will accelerate market penetration of e-powertrain components and systems. SYS2WHEEL will demonstrate its results on N1 and N2 cBEVs and assesses the related potential for the whole range of L and N category cBEVs as well as extensions to M1 and M2 passenger carriers. Essential enabling elements in SYS2WHEEL are e-motors for both, in-wheel and e-axle systems, a novel suspension for in-wheel systems, the in-wheel and e-axle systems themselves, time-sensitive networking, advanced controls, affordable and efficient processes, as well as scalability/ transferability of innovations. Specifically SYS2WHEEL will reduce costs in mass production by at least 20% through components becoming obsolete and reduction of wiring costs due to application of time-sensitive networks. The powertrain efficiency will be increased by improved e-motor windings, advanced rare-earth magnets, reduced powertrain rotating parts, reduced losses, advanced controls and weight reduction. Affordability, and user-friendliness will be addressed by enhanced modularity and packaging, automotive quality by advanced fail-operational safety and ISO 26262 compliance, modular and scalable technologies and lowered total cost of ownership. Space-saving approaches in SYS2WHEEL lead to more freedom for batteries, cargo and drivers.
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