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Nivo stefinov A in B, katepsina S in kreatinina v bioloških tekočinah zdravih oseb in bolnikov z astmo (Slovene)

Research activity

Code Science Field Subfield
3.01.00  Medical sciences  Microbiology and immunology   

Code Science Field
B540  Biomedical sciences  Respiratory system 
B190  Biomedical sciences  Clinical chemistry 
stefin A, stefin B, cathepsin S, creatinine, circadian variations, asthma
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Researchers (9)
no. Code Name and surname Research area Role Period No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  10291  PhD Nina Cimerman  Pharmacy  Researcher  2000 - 2002  117 
2.  15710  PhD Matjaž Fležar  Cardiovascular system  Researcher  2000 - 2002  556 
3.  15781  Izidor Kern  Oncology  Researcher  2000 - 2002  588 
4.  04648  PhD Janko Kos  Biotechnical sciences  Researcher  2000 - 2002  1,166 
5.  10921  PhD Mitja Košnik  Microbiology and immunology  Researcher  2000 - 2002  1,581 
6.  06394  Marta Krašovec  Pharmacy  Researcher  2000 - 2002  83 
7.  06630  PhD Pika Meško Brguljan  Biochemistry and molecular biology  Head  2000 - 2002  347 
8.  09808  PhD Jurij Šorli  Cardiovascular system  Researcher  2000 - 2002  354 
9.  06779  PhD Stanislav Šuškovič  Microbiology and immunology  Researcher  2000 - 2002  414 
Organisations (2)
no. Code Research organisation City Registration number No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  0259  Krka, tovarna zdravil, d.d., Novo mesto (Slovene)  Novo mesto  5043611  3,818 
2.  1613  University Clinic of Respiratory and Allergic Diseases  Golnik  1190997  7,240 
The objective is to determine levels of stefins A and B, cathepsin S and creatinine in biological fluids of healthy and asthmatic subjects. The purpose is to characterise their circadian rhythms in serum in order to evaluate the influance of daily variations on the sampling, and to determine their deviations before and after corticosteroid and cyclosporine A treatment. In order to evaluate potential of cystatin C as a marker of glomerular filtration rate in asthmatic patients creatinine levels will be measured in the same samples. The results may provide better understanding of the role of cysteine proteinases and their inhibitors in pathophysiological processes of asthma and may be of clinical interest as additional biochemical parameters for monitoring the disease and its therapy.
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