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HYScale – Economic Green Hydrogen Production at Scale via a Novel, Critical Raw Material Free, Highly Efficient and Low-capex Advanced Alkaline Membrane Water Electrolysis Technology

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1.  23369  PhD Mitja Mori  Energy engineering  Head  2023  384 
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1.  0782  University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering  Ljubljana  1627031  29,230 
The HYScale project addresses upscaling of an efficient, durable, sustainable and cost-effective advanced alkaline membrane water electrolysis technology capable of producing economic green hydrogen at significantly higher current densities than SoA electrolyzer. The HYScale technology builds on the results from multiple EU-funded projects. In contrast to SoA electrolyzers, it is entirely critical raw material free without the need for fluorinated membranes and ionomers while meeting a significant fraction of the 2024 KPIs already today at the lab scale. Due to many unique material choices and design features, the HYScale water electrolysis technology distinguishes itself further from the SoA by its potential to be upscaled cost-effective and rapidly. The SME and industry-driven project HYScale aims to upscale its electrolyzer technology with a focus on optimizing materials synthesis and components production, especially membranes, ionomers, electrodes, and porous transport layers.
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