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Sustainable Mountain huts in Europe

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1.  14342  PhD Mihael Sekavčnik  Energy engineering  Head  2016 - 2021  565 
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1.  0782  University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering  Ljubljana  1627031  29,230 
Measures to increase the energy resilience of mountaineering tourism infrastructure are vital for the development of mountainous regions. Recent studies suggest important impacts of climate change on the energy sector and underpin the need for adaptation, notably in the electricity sector. Mountain huts are usually isolated from heating and electricity grids. They depend on fossil-fuel powered generators and boilers. Equipment and fuel is often supplied by helicopter, a costly means of transport and another source of CO2 emissions and pollution. The huts, being made of stone, are often highly energy inefficient. LIFE SUSTAINHUTS aims to reduce CO2 emissions emanating from buildings in isolated environments, such as mountain huts. The project also aims to prevent air pollution, preserve mountainous forests, promote sustainable tourism and introduce environmentally-friendly methods for the production, distribution and use of energy.
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