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Sustainable Surface Treatments of Complex Shape Components for Transsectorial Industrial Innovation

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1.  23369  PhD Mitja Mori  Energy engineering  Head  2023  384 
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1.  0782  University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering  Ljubljana  1627031  29,280 
Steel is used widely in the construction of buildings, ships and machinery. However, many industries are now looking for alternatives to lower the weight of their products and reduce costs. While aluminium (Al) is a lighter option, it is prone to corrosion. In this context, the EU-funded SURE2COAT project will enable the use and uptake of Al in new sectors involving products with complex shapes. To address the corrosion problem, it will develop new surface treatments in electrical engines, heating systems and heat storage units. SURE2COAT will aim to increase the energy efficiency by at least 50 % and increase the use of recycled Al by 70 % by using surface treatments and innovative production technologies.
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