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The development of the gene theory and its implications

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6.10.00  Humanities  Philosophy   

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H150  Humanities  Philosophy of special sciences 
B100  Biomedical sciences  History and philosophy of biomedical sciences, theoretical biology, general aspects of evolution 
gene, genetic information, electro the magnetic origin of life, endogenous coherent elekcotrmagnetic field, the selfish gene, wave structures, cloning
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1.  16039  PhD Maja Berden Zrimec  Metrology  Researcher  1999  260 
2.  05092  PhD Igor Jerman  Metrology  Head  1997 - 1999  280 
3.  12265  PhD Artur Štern  Anthropology  Researcher  1998 - 1999  124 
Organisations (1)
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1.  0431  BION Institute  Ljubljana  5376041000  280 
Within the project we research the content of the term gene from various standpoints. The most important issue here stems from certain new biophysical and biological findings according to which the heredity does not reside only in DNA but also in the informational structures of the endogenous coherent electromagnetic fields. In the empirical and theoretical researches undertaken the last year we followed many different lines: we published the hypothesis about the electromagnetic origin of life, we explored the possibility of imprinting the electromagnetic structures into water as well as their transference from a group of organisms to another. We began also with the development of a new, more synthetic, model of the gene, incorporating classical as well as more modern concepts. Besides, we continued to apply new models of the gene into the psychosocial level of mankind; explicitly we based this work mostly on the neodarwinian theory of evolution and implicitly on the selfish gene theory. We researched the problem of cloning and tried to widen the standard evolutionary models of behavior as for instance the famous prisoner''s dilemma and the tragedy of co-owners and applied them to some aspects of human behavior. The results of our empirical researches confirmed the possibility of imprinting the genetic information into water and its transference between organisms. The theoretical research made possible to set up the basic issue to understand the interconnection of DNA and the endogenous coherent electromagnetic fields of organisms. The application of the alternative gene model in the psychosocial framework enabled us to shed new light on many phenomena, as for instance dreams, religion and biopoiesis.
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