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Biokemija izoprenidov in signaliziranje pri halofilnih in mezofilnih glivah (Slovene)

January 1, 1999 - December 31, 2003
Research activity

Code Science Field Subfield
1.05.00  Natural sciences and mathematics  Biochemistry and molecular biology   

Code Science Field
P004  Natural sciences and mathematics  Biochemistry, Metabolism 
P340  Natural sciences and mathematics  Lipids, steroids, membranes 
P310  Natural sciences and mathematics  Proteins, enzymology 
P320  Natural sciences and mathematics  Nucleic acids, protein synthesis 
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Researchers (8)
no. Code Name and surname Research area Role Period No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  20346  PhD Matjaž Barborič  Biochemistry and molecular biology  Researcher  2001 - 2003  22 
2.  11699  PhD Tea Lanišnik Rižner  Metabolic and hormonal disorders  Researcher  2001 - 2003  574 
3.  18845  Milena Marušič    Researcher  2001 - 2003 
4.  21493  PhD Maja Matis  Neurobiology  Researcher  2002 - 2003  32 
5.  20653  PhD Uroš Petrovič  Biochemistry and molecular biology  Researcher  2001 - 2002  292 
6.  06777  PhD Ana Plemenitaš  Biochemistry and molecular biology  Head  2001 - 2003  379 
7.  18510  PhD Martina Turk  Biochemistry and molecular biology  Researcher  2001 - 2003  193 
8.  03082  PhD Marija Žakelj-Mavrič  Biochemistry and molecular biology  Researcher  2001 - 2003  117 
Organisations (1)
no. Code Research organisation City Registration number No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  0381  University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Medicine  Ljubljana  1627066  48,399 
Molecular mechanisms that enable halophilic black yeasts, recently isolated from the salterns in Sečovlje, Slovenia, to addapt to high saline environments will be studied. Alteration in membrane properties as a way of addaptation to extreme conditions are well known.We will focused our innitial studies to the alterations in membrane properties as a consequence of changes in membrane lipids, particularly in sterol composition. Regulation of sterol biosynthesis through the modulation of the activity of its main regulatory enzyme 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl CoA reductase (HMG R) as a response to high salinities, will be investigated. In addition to membrane lipids, isoprenilated proteins, especially those, involved in the transmission of hyperosmolar signalls in halophilic black yeasts will be studied. Our ultamate goal is to identify, at the level of transcriptome as well as proteome those genes and their products that are characteristically expressed at extremely high salinities. Part of our studies will be devoted to the steroidogenesis at the post-sterol level by investigating 17beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (17b-HSD). This enzyme has been studied at the level of DNA as well as at the protein level in filamentous fungi in our group earlier. Characteristics and activity of 17b-HSD will be tested in halophilic black yeasts. The proposed experiments will contribute to the elucidation of the roll od 17b-HSD in eucariotic microorganisms in general and also to the evolution of this enzyme.
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