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Interaction of radiation and plasma with matter

January 1, 1999 - December 31, 2003
Research activity

Code Science Field Subfield
1.02.00  Natural sciences and mathematics  Physics   
2.04.00  Engineering sciences and technologies  Materials science and technology   

Code Science Field
P260  Natural sciences and mathematics  Condensed matter: electronic structure, electrical, magnetic and optical properties, supraconductors, magnetic resonance, relaxation, spectroscopy 
P265  Natural sciences and mathematics  Semiconductory physics 
P240  Natural sciences and mathematics  Gases, fluid dynamics, plasmas 
P220  Natural sciences and mathematics  Nuclear physics 
T160  Technological sciences  Nuclear engineering and technology 
T153  Technological sciences  Ceramic materials and powders 
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Researchers (10)
no. Code Name and surname Research area Role Period No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  01048  PhD Bruno Cvikl  Physics  Researcher  2001 - 2003  215 
2.  01116  PhD Milan Čerček  Physics  Researcher  2001 - 2003  318 
3.  21540  PhD Marko Giacomelli  Physics  Researcher  2001 - 2003  65 
4.  10401  PhD Tomaž Gyergyek  Physics  Researcher  2001 - 2003  414 
5.  02819  PhD Radomir Ilić  Materials science and technology  Head  2001 - 2003  398 
6.  03590  PhD Igor Jenčič  Physics  Researcher  2001 - 2003  151 
7.  01053  Edvard Stanisla Krištof  Energy engineering  Researcher  2001 - 2003  46 
8.  19167  PhD Igor Lengar  Materials science and technology  Researcher  2001 - 2003  1,200 
9.  04645  PhD Jožef Peternelj  Physics  Researcher  2001 - 2003  111 
10.  11312  PhD Jure Skvarč  Physics  Researcher  2001 - 2003  211 
Organisations (1)
no. Code Research organisation City Registration number No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  0106  Jožef Stefan Institute  Ljubljana  5051606000  90,724 
In the field of nuclear tracks new methods for detection of charged particles were developed and applied in the study of the passage of accelerated ions through solid matter and for the radiographic determination of the boron content in mice organs. Interaction of 200Mev/n 12 C beam with Lucite and water was studied and the total changing reaction cross sections and elemental cross sections for producing fragments with atomic numbers from 3 to 5 was measured. A cluster radioactivity of the 242Cm ?34Si + 208 Pb reaction was started. The research of structural changes in semiconductors involved implantation of Si, Ge and GaAs samples with heavy ions which created isolated amorphous zones in the crystalline structure of semiconductors. Recrystallization of these zones was subsequently induced with electron irradiation and the evolution of implant damage was recorded by using a Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM). In the area of plasma physics temporal development of the electron distribution function after the application of a positive voltage step to a planar electrode immersed in a weakly magnetised discharge plasma column was investigated experimentally. The electron distribution function was measured by a one-sided plane Langmuir probe in the experimental conditions when the firerod can be created and also in the conditions when the firerod can not be created because either the pressure or the amplitude of the voltage step are to low. The phenomena of the decoherence, which is of the fundamental importance for the understanding of quantum mechanics as well as for future research work in the field of quantum computer, was studied.
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