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Epidemiology, etiopathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment of periodontal diseases

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3.02.00  Medical sciences  Stomatology   

Code Science Field
B730  Biomedical sciences  Odontology, stomatology 
periodontal disease, epidemiology, heart infarct, cytokines, MR imaging, diabetes, lasers
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Researchers (8)
no. Code Name and surname Research area Role Period No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  19210  PhD Rok Gašperšič  Stomatology  Researcher  2002 - 2004  261 
2.  12446  PhD Boris Gašpirc  Stomatology  Researcher  2002 - 2004  165 
3.  19091  PhD Rok Kosem  Stomatology  Researcher  2002 - 2004  136 
4.  09290  PhD Marija Kovač-Kavčič  Stomatology  Researcher  2002 - 2004  45 
5.  07625  PhD Milan Petelin  Stomatology  Researcher  2002 - 2004  243 
6.  12197  PhD Mirela Rode  Stomatology  Researcher  2002 - 2004  42 
7.  12137  PhD Rok Schara  Stomatology  Researcher  2002 - 2004  115 
8.  03370  PhD Uroš Skalerič  Stomatology  Head  2002 - 2004  511 
Organisations (1)
no. Code Research organisation City Registration number No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  0312  University Medical Centre Ljubljana  Ljubljana  5057272000  77,953 
In research project we are planning to evaluate the progression of periodontal disease in 555 citiziens of Ljubljana which were first examined before twenty and the second time before ten years. In epidemiological part of the project we will also evaluate the periodontal conditions in 200 patients who survived miocardial infarction. In these patients the level of inflammatory and immunological mediators and antibodies to specific periodontal pathogenes in sera will be evaluated. Periodontal conditions will be evaluated by CPITN index and standard periodontal clinical parameters. In the field of etiopathogenesis of periodontal disease the role of stress and cytokine TNF-alpha in experimental periodontitis in rats will be studied. In addition, the presence of NO in crevicular fluid and gingiva of diabetic patients with periodontal inflammation will be evaluated. For this part the clinical histological and immunoenzyme methods and tests will be used. The extent of gingival inflammation before and after periodontal therapy in ten patients will be evaluated by magnetic resonance imaging in combination with contrast agent Gd-DTPA. EPR oxymetry in rats will be used to study the role of size and structure of liposomes and nanoparticles for optimal preparation of vehicle for local drug delivery in periodontal treatment. In twenty patients with diabetes type one the role of full-mouth desinfection and local delivery of minocycline on periodontal inflammation and metabolic control of diabetes will be studied. With electron microscopy, EPR and infrared spectroscopy the effect of Er-YAG laser on root surface will be studied. In addition, Er-YAG laser will be clinically evaluated for use in periodontal surgery.
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