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The Slovenes under occupation and in internal clashes

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6.01.00  Humanities  Historiography   

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H250  Humanities  Contemporary history (since 1914) 
history, Second World War, occupation, resistance movement, collaboration
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Researchers (3)
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1.  08410  PhD Vida Deželak-Barič  Historiography  Researcher  2002 - 2004  263 
2.  09653  PhD Damijan Guštin  Historiography  Researcher  2002 - 2004  646 
3.  04075  PhD Boris Mlakar  Historiography  Principal Researcher  2002 - 2004  583 
Organisations (1)
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1.  0501  Institute for Contemporary History  Ljubljana  5057116000  6,035 
This project is planned as a filling in of certain major gaps, which despite thus far numerous partial research studies, still prevent Slovene historians from successfully arriving at the recording of a balanced synthesis of the variable and highly complex events during the Second World War in the Slovene lands. It will encompass the ideological, political and military aspects of the wartime period. This will include an examination of the role of women as both subjects and objects in events during the war, a presentation of the main precepts of the ideology in the anti-partisan camp, and a depiction of the Liberation Front (Osvobodilna fronta) as a patriotic and revolutionary organisation. Within the whole context of wartime events the research will examine the military significance of the Home Guard movement in its clashes with the Slovene partisan forces, the organisation and functioning of the judiciary of the national liberation movement, and in terms of the final act of the Slovene partisan forces, it will reconstruct the course of integration of these forces into the Yugoslav army in 1944 and 1945.
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