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Telederm - Modern diagnostic of skin tumour and selected dermathoses

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3.04.00  Medical sciences  Oncology   

Code Science Field
B630  Biomedical sciences  Dermatology, venereology 
Skin tumours, Dermatosis, Internet, Diagnostics
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Researchers (9)
no. Code Name and surname Research area Role Period No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  14192  MSc Jože Arzenšek  Microbiology and immunology  Researcher  2002 - 2003  97 
2.  13672  PhD Igor Bartenjev  Microbiology and immunology  Head  2002 - 2003  279 
3.  01174  PhD Aleksej Kansky  Microbiology and immunology  Researcher  2002 - 2003  223 
4.  12972  PhD Andrej Kansky  Stomatology  Researcher  2002 - 2003  297 
5.  19776  PhD Nada Kecelj  Metabolic and hormonal disorders  Researcher  2002 - 2003  189 
6.  19380  PhD Radko Komadina  Neurobiology  Researcher  2002 - 2003  485 
7.  15043  MSc Andrej Orel  Computer science and informatics  Researcher  2002 - 2003  18 
8.  11949  PhD Borut Štabuc  Oncology  Researcher  2002 - 2003  668 
9.  16306  Borut Žgavec  Microbiology and immunology  Researcher  2002 - 2003  88 
Organisations (2)
no. Code Research organisation City Registration number No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  0312  University Medical Centre Ljubljana  Ljubljana  5057272000  75,648 
2.  1187  General hospital Celje  Celje  5064716  2,840 
The TELEDERM project will use innovative, high quality, user-friendly, accessible and simple medical services for diagnosis of pigmented skin tumours, skin cancers and other select dermatoses at the point of care. The TELEDERM project will show the possibilities available to dermato-oncological and dermatological diagnostics with the use of Internet technologies. Digital images, taken by physicians at the point of care, will be sent via internet to the centre of excellence where the evaluation will be performed, returning an expert diagnosis to the physician. The main goal of the project is to Asses the possibilities of expert diagnostics of skin tumours and other dermatoses at the point of care, regardless of location, by using advanced information technologies. The collaboration between expert and general practitioner will be enhanced and knowledge will be transferred. The project will contribute to equalising the level of medical care at different professional levels. The findings will be presented to the professional community through participation at congresses and in scientific publications.
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