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The Dynamics of Competition, Mobility of Firms and Labour

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5.02.00  Social sciences  Economics   

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S180  Social sciences  Economics, econometrics, economic theory, economic systems, economic policy 
dynamics of competition, restructuring, mobility of firms, labour markets
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1.  05677  PhD Štefan Bojnec  Economics  Head  2004 - 2006  1,738 
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1.  7097  University of Primorska, Faculty of management  Koper  1810014002  10,975 
The project will investigate the dynamics of competition, mobility of firms and labour. The dynamics of competition is important for mobility of firms and labour in the process of emerging a well-functioning and competitive markets. The internal market deregulation and trade liberalization are likely to imply an increase in competition forcing firms in greater mobility and efficiency. The greater opportunities for establishing new firms are created. On the other side some newly created firms and some existing firms may exit. The rare empirical and econometric analysis have addressed the issues of the dynamics of competition, mobility of firms and labour. The objective of the project is to analyse and investigate the dynamics of competition and mobility of the Slovenian manufacturing enterprises, which represent the considerable importance in the Slovenian economy. The project will also investigate mobility and flexibility of employees focusing on three group of sectors: manufacturing, service and primary or agriculture. As the data bases will be used different sources: firm-survey data, firm-registry data, financial data on firms and labour force surveys. The mobility of firms and labour will be estimated by econometric models. As the explanatory variables will be used firm characteristics (for example ownership, activity and size), financial characteristics of enterprises, sector characteristics and dynamics of competition and variables associated with economic policy. The mobility of employees inside and across sectors will be additionally explained by personal, employment and household characteristics of the employees. The dynamics of competition and determinants of the mobility of firms and employees will be estimated in the framework of structural changes in the economy and in the framework of an efficient integration of Slovenia in European Union.
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