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Tidal Modeling of the Adriatic Sea and Circulation of the Gulf of Trieste

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1.06.00  Natural sciences and mathematics  Geology   

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P500  Natural sciences and mathematics  Geophysics, physical oceanography, meteorology 
numerical modeling, tidal dynamics, circulation, coastal waters, physical oceanography
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Researchers (3)
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1.  13407  PhD Branko Čermelj  Biology  Researcher  2003 - 2005  182 
2.  05226  PhD Vlado Malačič  Hydrology  Head  2003 - 2005  366 
3.  20320  PhD Boris Petelin  Hydrology  Researcher  2003 - 2005  127 
Organisations (1)
no. Code Research organisation City Registration number No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  0105  National Institute of Biology  Ljubljana  5055784  13,331 
The project comprizes numerical modeling and the study of circulation in the Gulf of Trieste. Numerical modeling will involve the complete installation of tidal dynamics in the Princeton Ocean Model (POM) for the whole Adriatic Sea (AREG model) which was developed by the end-user of this project (INGV in Bologna) and the instalation of the POM model for the circulation studies in the Gulf of Trieste (ACOAST2 model) which is in preparation in Piran. Both numerical models will be calibrated and evaluated with available experimental data. Circulation in the Gulf of Trieste will also be analysed from the field data. The data will be collected within the framework of the regional ADRICOSM project (co-ordinator is INGV) with existing measurement equipment (CTD probe) that is installed on the research vessel. A second important data source for circulation analysis is the Coastal Oceanographic Station Piran at the Marine Biology Station of the NIB, from which continuous measurements of currents and wind over the sea are provided.3
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