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Definition and evaluation of architectural renewal levels for social postwar housing in Slovenia

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5.12.00  Social sciences  Architecture and Design   

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T240  Technological sciences  Architecture, interior design 
architecture, social housing, renewal, earthquake resistancy, durability, Slovenia
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1.  10121  PhD Vojko Kilar  Social sciences  Researcher  2003 - 2004  394 
2.  11746  PhD Tomaž Novljan  Social sciences  Researcher  2003 - 2004  236 
3.  12101  PhD Tadeja Zupančič  Social sciences  Head  2003 - 2004  452 
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1.  0791  University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Architecture  Ljubljana  1626949  8,560 
The social postwar housing from the years 1945 to 1965 seems to be the most problematic segment of degraded residential areas of Slovene cities that does not correspond to modern building standards. Nevertheless that the planning and architectural/design concepts had been formulated, the renovation process mostly remains on local partial level that does not improve significantly the culture of living to such an extent as it can be witnessed in other European countries. Project uses a new approach to accesses the renovation problems that is based on renewal levels (classes) determined for different coordinating fields (town planning, architecture, structural reparation). A renewal level is consisted of a) detailed description of renewal works, b) renewal cost range, c) needed conditions and preparations, d) impacts and consequences of renewal work and e) estimation of rationality of renewal work considering its complexity and costs. The renewal levels will be formulated by systematic division and classification of needed town planning, architectural/functional and structural reparation renewal works and tasks. The project tries to restore a generally valid system of renewal levels for postwar residential housing in Slovenia that enables the determination of needed renewal works for any region/building built in that time. The system of renewal levels considerably eases the work and decision making of investors as well as of executants in the process of renewal of buildings what contributes the applicability of research results in considered areas.
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