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Research and Development of Analytical Methods and Procedures

Research activity

Code Science Field Subfield
1.04.00  Natural sciences and mathematics  Chemistry   
1.08.00  Natural sciences and mathematics  Control and care of the environment   
2.04.00  Engineering sciences and technologies  Materials science and technology   

Code Science Field
P300  Natural sciences and mathematics  Analytical chemistry 
Separation methods, gas chromatography,liquid chromatography,ion chromatography, capillary electrophoresis, mass spectrometry, chemiluminescence, atomic absorption spectrometry, voltammetry, flow injection analysis, reaction mechanisms, trace elements, biological materials, cellulose, cyanides, pesticides, toxins.
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Researchers (27)
no. Code Name and surname Research area Role Period No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  27804  PhD Gregor Arh    Junior researcher  2007 - 2008  19 
2.  18193  Zdenka Držaj    Technical associate  2004 - 2008 
3.  18191  Jolanda Furlan    Technical associate  2004 - 2008 
4.  11238  PhD Nataša Gros  Chemistry  Researcher  2004 - 2008  253 
5.  18313  PhD Marjan Guček  Chemistry  Researcher  2004  68 
6.  05049  MSc Ivanka Keber  Chemistry  Technical associate  2005 - 2008  12 
7.  23386  PhD Drago Kočar  Chemistry  Researcher  2005 - 2008  255 
8.  11071  PhD Jana Kolar  Chemistry  Researcher  2004 - 2008  465 
9.  21515  PhD Nataša Kovačić  Chemical engineering  Junior researcher  2004 - 2005  26 
10.  21582  PhD Janez Kozinc  Chemistry  Researcher  2006  80 
11.  20250  PhD Polonca Kralj  Chemistry  Researcher  2004 - 2008  40 
12.  17844  PhD Irena Kralj Cigić  Chemistry  Researcher  2004 - 2008  352 
13.  18288  PhD Martina Logar  Chemistry  Researcher  2005  157 
14.  16374  PhD Andrej Pevec  Chemistry  Researcher  2006  265 
15.  04323  PhD Boris Pihlar  Chemistry  Head  2004 - 2008  603 
16.  14231  PhD Matevž Pompe  Chemistry  Researcher  2004 - 2008  274 
17.  13530  PhD Helena Prosen  Chemistry  Researcher  2005 - 2008  444 
18.  15670  PhD Matija Strlič  Chemistry  Researcher  2004 - 2008  863 
19.  04100  PhD Robert Susič  Chemistry  Researcher  2004 - 2008  52 
20.  25442  PhD Martin Šala  Chemistry  Researcher  2005 - 2008  346 
21.  29403  PhD Andrej Ščavničar  Chemistry  Junior researcher  2008  14 
22.  23492  PhD Vid Simon Šelih  Chemistry  Junior researcher  2004 - 2006  206 
23.  28336  PhD Tanja Trafela  Chemistry  Junior researcher  2007 - 2008  48 
24.  06117  PhD Marjan Veber  Chemistry  Researcher  2004 - 2008  450 
25.  08536  PhD Tatjana Zupančič  Chemistry  Researcher  2004 - 2008  54 
26.  05050  PhD Lucija Zupančič-Kralj  Chemistry  Researcher  2004 - 2008  282 
27.  18192  Mojca Žitko    Technical associate  2004 - 2008 
Organisations (1)
no. Code Research organisation City Registration number No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  0103  University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology  Ljubljana  1626990  23,304 
As an academic research group whose primary goal is basic research in the field of analytical chemistry and education/qualification of experts, we intend to widen and deepen our knowledge in the primary field of interest and to transfer the knowledge to disciplines and research fields needing accurate chemical data on structure and processes, be it for their own progress or for the common benefit. Our research will therefore be directed primarily towards: a) research into new analytical methods and procedures, b) studies of processes and parameters determining properties of inorganic and organic materials, c) development of analytical methods for industry, environment, medicine and food chemistry.
Significance for science
In the period 2004-2008 members of the programme group published 104 original scientific articles, and some of them issued in most distinguished journals on the field of analytical science. They delivered also numerous lectures at international scientific conferences and meetings, edited two scientific monographs in English language and contributed in 15 chapters of scientific monographs. Research in the field of paper and iron gall ink chemistry results in numerous important achievements. Investigations of cellulose degradation and historical ink corrosion performed and coordinated also in the frame of 5th and 6th FW EU projects (Papylum, InkCor, MIP, SurveNir, PaperTreat), results in numerous excellent achievements and were internationally recognized (see: J. Wouters, Science, 332(2008)1197). These achievements contribute significantly to paper conservation science and to the global protection of cultural heritage.
Significance for the country
As an academic research group majority of team members actively participate in teaching and education of chemists and chemical engineers at undergraduate and graduate level at University of Ljubljana and therefore contributed permanently to a sustainable socio-economic and cultural progress in Slovenia. In the period between 2004 and 2008 programme group members supervised 122 Diploma theses and/or co-supervised 9 Master and 22 PhD theses. Such a transfer of basic and specific knowledge and research experience to the marked part of Slovenian technical intelligence is an important contribution to the economic progress in Slovenia. A significant part of the research tasks was oriented towards development of the analytical methodology for polution monitoring and control of the environment (volatile hydrocarbons, pesticides, metals, …), food analysis (toxins, antioxidants, aroma constituents, ....) and analysis of pharmaceutical formulations, and this research adds a significant value to the general and technological advance in Slovenia and wider. Especially achievements and research of degradation and preservation of paper and historical documents and materials contributed significantly to the protection and preservation of Slovenian cultural heritage and wider.
Most important scientific results Final report, complete report on dLib.si
Most important socioeconomically and culturally relevant results Final report, complete report on dLib.si
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