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Aerogels as support for catlysts

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2.02.00  Engineering sciences and technologies  Chemical engineering   

Code Science Field
T350  Technological sciences  Chemical technology and engineering 
dense gasses, supercritical fluids, separation, biochemical reactions, aerogels, catalyst, phase equilibria, mass transfer
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Researchers (5)
no. Code Name and surname Research area Role Period No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  02619  PhD Željko Knez  Chemical engineering  Head  2004  2,032 
2.  21689  PhD Petra Kotnik  Chemical engineering  Researcher  2004  156 
3.  00534  PhD Maja Leitgeb  Chemical engineering  Researcher  2004  825 
4.  13568  PhD Zoran Novak  Chemical engineering  Researcher  2004  249 
5.  11865  PhD Mojca Škerget  Chemical engineering  Researcher  2004  770 
The research project is oriented mainly on: - research about reaction at extreme conditions with the use of SCF as reaction media; determination of reaction mechanisms and kinetics of biochemical reactions, - synthesis of aerogels and a study of their properties, - determination of adequate catalysts and improvement of their propertiesm, as well as imobilisation of enzymes on aerogel supports, - production of catalysts on aerogel basis as an alternative to clasical methods, - research of separation techniques using high pressure technologies. For designing reactions and separation processes phase equilibria data and transport properties are required. Therefore, our research will also include: - determination of phase equilibria of substances, which are present in the reaction mixture either as reactants or products. the data obtained will be modeled using cubic equations of state and a study of transport coefficients will be performed.
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