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Maintenance and shift of Slovene: The case of the autochtonous Slovene minorities in Italy, Austria and Hungary

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6.05.02  Humanities  Linguistics  Theoretical and applied linguistics 

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H360  Humanities  Applied linguistics, foreign languages teaching, sociolinguistics 
Slovene language, minority languages, maintenance and loss of minority languages, determinants of language maintenance, opportunity for language use, Slovene minorities in Italy, Austria, and Hungary
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1.  21708  PhD Nataša Gliha Komac  Linguistics  Researcher  2006 - 2007  399 
2.  00349  PhD Majda Kaučič-Baša  Linguistics  Head  2004 - 2007  116 
3.  25006  PhD Sonja Starc  Linguistics  Researcher  2004 - 2005  151 
4.  19908  Emidio Sussi  Sociology  Researcher  2004 - 2007  101 
5.  07655  PhD Irena Šumi  Criminology and social work  Researcher  2004 - 2007  390 
Organisations (4)
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1.  0156  Instituto Sloveno di ricerche  Trst, Italija    228 
2.  0507  Institute for Ethnic Studies  Ljubljana  5051517000  4,860 
3.  1988  University of Primorska  Koper  1810014 
4.  2158  University of Primorska Faculty of Education  Koper  1810014003  14,844 
The subject of the reserch project is the maintenance and shift of Slovene language within the autochtonuos Slovene minorities in Italy, Austria and Hungary in the period from the end of World War I on to today. Language-speakers demography data and estimates show that the ethnic structure of the population in the three minority areas has changed continuously while the relative number of Slovenes has been dropping in the entire period considered. The study will first try to determine which are the causes of the demographic fall of the Slovene population and to what degree the demografic fall is due to the gradual shift of the use of Slovene. The main topic of the reseach will be the causes for the language maintenance or shift within the single communities. The following determinants of language maintenance or shift will be discussed for each of the minorities: 1. political history of the minority and political pressures on the Slovene ethnic identity; 2. migrations in the area of the autochtonous (historical) Slovene settlement after the World War I and the consequent compactness of the Slovene population; 3. the present linguistic situation of the Slovene minority, namely 3.1 legal status of Slovene language, 3.2 domains where Slovene is used, 3.3 teaching of Slovene in schools, 4. attitudedes of the minority members towards Slovene language. The causes for the Slovene language shift within the single Slovene minorities will be compared and discussed. The thesis on the determinants of the shift will be discussed with reference to earlier sociolinguistic findings (Joshua Fishman, Christina Bratt Paulston, John Edwards, Tom Priestly, Albina Nečak-Luk and others).
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