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Computer Tools in the Development of Manufacturing Programmes-Part 2

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1.07.00  Natural sciences and mathematics  Computer intensive methods and applications   

Code Science Field
P170  Natural sciences and mathematics  Computer science, numerical analysis, systems, control 
computational geometry, data strucutres and algorithms, integrated information systems, parallel and distributed algorithms, building design, NC machines, structural design, CIM, programming language
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Researchers (15)
no. Code Name and surname Research area Role Period No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  19284  PhD Marko Boben  Computer intensive methods and applications  Researcher  2005 - 2008  83 
2.  04967  PhD Andrej Brodnik  Computer intensive methods and applications  Researcher  2005 - 2008  446 
3.  20271  PhD Gašper Jaklič  Mathematics  Researcher  2005 - 2008  323 
4.  22216  PhD Marko Jakomin  Traffic systems  Researcher  2006 - 2007  43 
5.  20269  PhD Iztok Kavkler  Mathematics  Researcher  2008  59 
6.  20243  PhD Branko Kavšek  Computer intensive methods and applications  Researcher  2005 - 2008  133 
7.  24897  PhD Matjaž Kljun  Computer science and informatics  Technical associate  2005 - 2008  166 
8.  02506  MSc Andrej Kmet  Mathematics  Researcher  2005 - 2008  99 
9.  21658  PhD Alen Orbanić  Computer intensive methods and applications  Researcher  2005 - 2008  141 
10.  01935  PhD Marko Petkovšek  Mathematics  Researcher  2005 - 2008  366 
11.  01941  PhD Tomaž Pisanski  Mathematics  Head  2005 - 2008  865 
12.  10123  PhD Iztok Savnik  Computer intensive methods and applications  Researcher  2005  106 
13.  22332  Smiljana Škvarč  Control and care of the environment  Researcher  2008  16 
14.  23555  PhD Jernej Vičič  Computer science and informatics  Researcher  2005 - 2008  183 
15.  14273  PhD Arjana Žitnik  Mathematics  Researcher  2006 - 2008  102 
Organisations (3)
no. Code Research organisation City Registration number No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  0101  Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics  Ljubljana  5055598000  19,656 
2.  1669  University of Primorska, Andrej Marušič Insitute  Koper  1810014007  10,498 
3.  2158  University of Primorska Faculty of Education  Koper  1810014003  14,844 
In the first stage of this research project we have defined mathematical models for application in building design and in design of industrially produced components. The models, roughly, split the world into the structured world of components and the real world. First we deal with the structured world of components, then structured solutions are transposed into the real world. Experience with this process is the foundation for the second stage of this project. In the course of the proposed next stage of the project we shall write a new programming language, operative in a dedicated environment, aimed at design of precompatible components for assembly into coherent wholes Such environment shall be aimed at organisation of programming segments, automation of execution in stages and provison of tools for creative explication of design. The programming language will be written in accordance with the latest developments in the field of programming languages. It shall involve 3D bodies qua primary objects and sets of operations upon them. For representation of structured space of components (SSP) development of new data structures will be necessary. Operations will be implemented partly from professional programming libraries and partly as original contributions of programmers from the research team.
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