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Melioration ditches with a function of agricultural run-off treatment

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1.08.00  Natural sciences and mathematics  Control and care of the environment   

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P305  Natural sciences and mathematics  Environmental chemistry 
melioration ditch, constructed wetland, purification, multiple use
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Researchers (2)
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1.  11790  PhD Tjaša Griessler Bulc  Biology  Head  2005 - 2007  499 
2.  14877  PhD Alenka Šajn Slak  Control and care of the environment  Researcher  2005 - 2007  129 
Organisations (1)
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1.  1509  Limnos, podjetje za aplikativno ekologijo, d.o.o. (Slovene)  Brezovica pri Ljubljani  5834112  209 
Drainage for agricultural purposes causes the loss of retention capacity, water purification and biodiversity in many European countries. The same problems appear in agricultural areas of Slovenija. Agricultural contaminants present a serious threat to water quality. According to the Water Framework and Nitrates Directives (2000/60/EC, 91/676/EEC), agriculture has placed an increased emphasis on discovering new, innovative best management practices (BMPs). Within the project, a prototype of vegetated drainage or melioration ditch (VDD) will be constructed as an economical and environmentally sound solution to decrease agricultural runoff pollution, to improve water retention and biodiversity. The VDD will consist of selected substrata, planted macrophytes and construction of sampling points. Water treatment ability will be tested. The roles of macrophytes, substrata and microorganisms will be evaluated. Directives for design, construction and maintenance of VDD will be worked out. Proposal for education and dissemination will be prepared as well as an info-point. The project proposal coincides with Slovene agro-environment scheme (2001), as part of the Programme of Agricultural Policy Reform, as well as with the Central and East European Water Food and Environment dialogue.
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