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Molecular structure and dynamics in relation to biological activity of vancomycin type antibiotics

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1.04.02  Natural sciences and mathematics  Chemistry  Structural chemistry 

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P351  Natural sciences and mathematics  Structure chemistry 
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1.  08329  PhD Simona Golič Grdadolnik  Chemistry  Head  1998 - 2001  323 
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1.  0104  National Institute of Chemistry  Ljubljana  5051592000  21,271 
The structure and dynamics of vancomycin family of antibiotics and their complexes with cell wall precursors is investigated by NMR spectroscopy and restrained molecular dynamics simulations. The detailed knowledge of binding interactions, which can be obtained from such studies would allow design of novel biologically active substances based on vancomycin, which is important for clinical treatment of life-threatening Gram-positive bacterial infections. The understanding of exact mechanism of action of these antibiotics will explain also the function and activity of variety of other complex biological systems.
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