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Automatic quality control of tablets

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2.10.03  Engineering sciences and technologies  Manufacturing technologies and systems  Automation 

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T111  Technological sciences  Imaging, image processing 
T125  Technological sciences  Automation, robotics, control engineering 
T120  Technological sciences  Systems engineering, computer technology 
computer vision, quality control, pharmaceutical products
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Researchers (1)
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1.  20383  PhD Dejan Tomaževič  Manufacturing technologies and systems  Head  2007 - 2008 
Organisations (1)
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1.  2294  Sensum, sistemi z računalniškim vidom d.o.o. (Slovene)  Ljubljana  1554077 
Tablets are one of the most numerous pharmaceutical products, whose quality depends mainly on their content, appearance and dimensions. A 100% manual inspection of tablets is time-consuming, unnatural, subjective, error-prone and expensive, mainly due to the vast amount and high variability of the produced tablets. In the proposed project we will develop an intelligent computer vision system, which will be easy to adapt to various tablets and easy to train and which will be capable of 100% automatic control of dimensions, appearance and content of tablets.
Significance for science
In the period of this post-doc project for industry (2006-2008), the project leader has published two SCI papers, while one paper is currently under review in a SCI journal. In the year 2008, project leader had successfully defended his second PhD thesis at the Utrecht University, The Netherlands, which, besides the scientific and applicative results given in section 6 and 7, additionally justifies the quality and international recognition of his scientific research.
Significance for the country
Successful project realization will facilitate and accelerate the development of the state-of-the art computer vision technologies in the Slovenian high-tech company, which is a member of Technology Park Ljubljana. In this way, the company, whose vision is to become the leading and the most innovative manufacturer of machines for automatic visual inspection of pharmaceutical products, will became more competitive in the most demanding world markets. Besides direct effects on the development of new products and technologies, this project contributed to the training of computer vision experts that successfully transfer the high-tech knowledge from universities to industry and therefore significantly contributed to the development of Slovenian industry and enterprises.
Most important scientific results Final report, complete report on dLib.si
Most important socioeconomically and culturally relevant results Final report, complete report on dLib.si
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