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Napredni ferroelektrični polimerni in anorganski materiali: ogromen elektrokalorični pojav in transportne lastnosti (Slovene)

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1.02.01  Natural sciences and mathematics  Physics  Physics of condesed matter 

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1.03  Natural Sciences  Physical sciences 
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Researchers (4)
no. Code Name and surname Research area Role Period No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  15644  PhD Vid Bobnar  Physics  Researcher  2009 - 2012  363 
2.  04347  PhD Cene Filipič  Physics  Researcher  2009 - 2012  289 
3.  10124  PhD Zdravko Kutnjak  Physics  Head  2009 - 2012  780 
4.  00199  PhD Adrijan Levstik  Physics  Researcher  2009 - 2012  372 
Organisations (1)
no. Code Research organisation City Registration number No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  0106  Jožef Stefan Institute  Ljubljana  5051606000  91,855 
Significance for science
Research within the frame of this project has shown that the giant electrocaloric effect indeed exists in the ferroelectric polymers and in the relaxor ferroelectrics with the change of temperature exceeding several tens of degrees both in positive and negative directions, i.e., heating/cooling. This enables development of new cooling technologies based on dielectric refrigeration. Our research has attracted huge attention of the ferroelectric scientific community and has invogorated research of electrocaloric effect and developments of new electrocaloric materials. This research topic became recently a hot topic, for that success our research which was cited within last two years more than 120 times was one of key elements. The number of publications is more than a doubled each year since our initial publications confirming by direct measurements the exisstence of a giant electrocaloric effect. In addition, new sections and scientific meetings are organized in recent year dealing with the electrocaloric subject. Research of the dielectric and electric transport properties of nanomaterials is important for development of new ways of energy storage.
Significance for the country
Results of the proposed project are very much relevant for the potential applications as can be seen from the work published in international applyed journals and as they are relevat to the development of novel advanced materials with enhanced transport and electrocaloric properties. Some of them were developed at the Jozef Stefan Institute and University of Ljubljana. This is especially important for development and engineering of new detectors and actuators on the basis of these materials. Research within this project (in cooperation with the chemistry department at the J. Stefan Institute and Engineering Faculty, University of Ljubljana) will also help to develop new elements for cooling or heating devices of new generation, which could be friendlier for environment. Due to different cooling principles they would not have moving parts, what would lead to reduced weight of these products as well as to elimination of problems with noise and power consumption. Introduction of these new materials would in long term lead to possible reduction of production and service costs, while the reliability of these products could be improved. In addition, the companies which would first introduce production of such high-tech products would achieve commanding position on markets what would lead to additional extra profits. This new technology is also potentially very interesting for slovenian economy, i.e., for company Gorenje. Our research has already attracted considerable attention of two international companies BASF and PARKER HANNIFIN. Project has also significant importance in professional trainig of young researchers.
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