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Consolidation of European Nuclear Education, Training and Knowledge Management

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1.  02852  PhD Borut Mavko  Energy engineering  Head  2006 - 2009  930 
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1.  0106  Jožef Stefan Institute  Ljubljana  5051606000  90,636 
2.  1554  University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics  Ljubljana  1627007  34,060 
The Coordination Action consolidates and expands the achievements of the ENEN and the NEPTUNO projects attained by the European Nuclear Education Network Association in the 5th and 6th framework programme. The ENEN-II project is aiming at developing ENEN Association in a sustainable way in the areas of nuclear engineering, radioprotection and radwaste management, including underground disposal. Nuclear education and training networks will be developed at the national level to provide a solid basis for networking at the European dimension. Advisory groups and discussion forums will be established to strengthen guidance and feedback from End Users and stakeholders regarding training needs. In addition to EC funding, third-party funding will be attracted to support mobility of teachers and students at masters', doctoral and postdoctoral level. The approach used so far successfully for education will be extended to training activities. It relies on the principles of a modular approach, common qualification criteria, a common mutual recognition system across the EU, and the facilitation of teachers and student mobility through Public-Private Partnerships. The project activities will be structured around the five committees of the ENEN Association in close collaboration with the consortium partners.The Training and Academic Affairs Committee and the Advanced Courses and Research Committee develop and implement schemes covering one academic year of courses in nuclear disciplines leading to Master degrees. The Training and Industrial Projects Committee facilitates interactions between training organisations and professionals in nuclear industries to provide training programmes for continual training on new topics and to update capabilities and qualifications.The Knowledge Management Committee operates the ENEN web site, advertises courses, develops and disseminates ENEN products.The quality of the project deliverables is monitored by the ENEN Quality Assurance Committee.
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