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Predicting impacts on natural ecotones

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1.  00565  PhD Iztok Winkler  Forestry, wood and paper technology  Head  2002 - 2005  477 
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1.  0404  Slovenian Forestry Institute  Ljubljana  5051673000  12,240 
2.  0481  University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty  Ljubljana  1626914  67,219 
The timberline, a vulnerable ecotone, has a great visual impact and is of cultural and economic value. PINE will provide dynamic, geographically explicit models as a tool for land-use planning by decision-makers. The models predict the consequences of coupled climatic and land-use change in northern and Alpine timberline ecotones in terms of visual impact, natural hazards and biodiversity and show how this will affect the livelihood of the people living there. Models are developed in interaction with the decision-makers and stakeholders. Scientific data generated as model input will include the influence of climate and past land-use changes on timberline trees, monitored by using information stored in the trees and in nearby mires. Results are extrapolated from key study sites in Sweden, Finland, Austria, Italy and Slovenia to cover the northern European and Alpine timberline ecotones.
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