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Motivating active participation of primary schoolchildren in digital online technologies for creative opportunities through multimedia

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1.  04546  PhD Janez Bešter  Telecommunications  Head  2005 - 2008  752 
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1.  1538  University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering  Ljubljana  1626965  27,989 
To exploit the engagement of young people with technology, there is a need to make e-Learning content more engaging. Schools and education authorities need to find new ways to link with research and creative practice and adopt new methodologies. Building on existing successes, eMapps.com will develop and validate adaptable interactive tools which enable games to be played on an innovative mobile platform, running on multiple devices and networks, which teachers can customise. Communities of creative, networking children in the NMS, focusing on age group 9-12, will be engaged in building their own cultural content, communicating with peer groups in other countries - and a growing community of teachers encouraged to meet learning objectives and to integrate the use of ICT in the school curriculum, within a clear pedagogical framework.The multilingual, multicultural local content created through games will be made easily available for sharing and repurposing in the wider eLearning context of schools in NMS. Teachers and children will also be enabled to draw on content held in other repositories while creating and playing games. By providing manageable ways and spaces for teachers to experiment in their own schools, motivational gains from effective use of ICT will be harnessed to the actual needs of the curriculum and timetable, bringing to life subjects such as history and geography through dynamic and creative experiences. A major project result will be the basis for the creation of an interactive, time-based child's digital living map of Europe.The participants will cover the eight NMS of 'mainland' Europe. However, the project's results will be and contribution to standards will be extended more widely. A major dissemination effort, will include a content-rich project website and a high profile final conference to discuss the project's policy recommendations.
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