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Biofuel polygeneration system integrating MSW landfill gas and solar energy

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1.  1421  Scientific research Centre Bistra Ptuj  Ptuj  5844975000 
2.  1540  University of Nova Gorica  Nova Gorica  5920884000 
The BIOPOLYSY proposal seeks to advance the development of innovative and readily applicable technologies to develop an efficient and competitive polygeneration system based on integration of landfill with solar system, reforming for the syngas production, ICE for electric generation and heating/cooling system for thermal energy requirements satisfaction.BIOPOLYSY demonstration project aims to encourage and promote the use of new, renewable energy sources do this mainly through demonstration activities involving polygeneration for energy and syngas production through the use of landfill gas and solar energy. The demonstration plant is planned in Slovenia. BIOPOLYSY also aims to create jobs within Europe and enhance the competitiveness of EU industry through increasing public and industrial awareness of polygeneration technology. Further advantages of the BIOPOLYSY solution include the reduction of CO2 emissions (a major aim specified in several EU directives and the Kyoto Agreement).
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