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Zlom simetrije v realnem času (Slovene)

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1.02.01  Natural sciences and mathematics  Physics  Physics of condesed matter 

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1.03  Natural Sciences  Physical sciences 
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Researchers (9)
no. Code Name and surname Research area Role Period No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  23568  PhD Primož Kušar  Physics  Researcher  2013 - 2014  84 
2.  11241  PhD Tomaž Mertelj  Physics  Researcher  2013 - 2016  349 
3.  04540  PhD Dragan D. Mihailović  Physics  Head  2013 - 2016  1,217 
4.  34782  Janja Milivojević    Technical associate  2014 - 2016 
5.  33427  PhD Peter Rodič  Chemistry  Researcher  2016  149 
6.  28483  PhD Jure Strle  Physics  Researcher  2014 - 2016  37 
7.  32167  PhD Martin Strojnik  Physics  Researcher  2014  34 
8.  34608  Damjan Svetin    Technical associate  2014 - 2015  71 
9.  33800  Petra Šutar    Technical associate  2013 - 2016  66 
Organisations (1)
no. Code Research organisation City Registration number No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  0106  Jožef Stefan Institute  Ljubljana  5051606000  89,948 
Significance for science
The project enabled us to develop a new femtosecond laser spectroscopy technique for measurements of symmetry breaking phenomena in real time in model condensed matter systems. Phase transitions are a key feature of many condensed-matter systems, such as liquids and solids. They are also thought to occur in cosmological events (the Big Bang) and in elementary particle collisions. The fundamentally different phenomena found in rapid transitions have only begun to be studied in relatively recent years. This project served as the foundation for an extensive research program on a world-class competitive level. The method enables us to measure the decoupling of different degrees of freedom for symmetry-breaking transitions induced by strong laser pulses. As a result, the project has lead to a number of high-profile publications, and more importantly, opened a new field of research, with significant interest worldwide.
Significance for the country
The preliminary work on the project served as the foundation for the first ERC advanced grant in Slovenia on the »Coherent trajectories through symmetry breaking phase transitions«, which allowed the concept to be developed further to fruition. Importantly, the project helped to achieve a critical level of research activities of the group which was sufficiently focused to achieve a competitive world level. The project attracted attention of young researchers, and during the period of the project 3 PhD students completed on topics related to the project.. We have also organized an exclusive annual international workshop on the topic of non-equilibrium quantum systems, which is closely related to the topic of the project. The activities of the group's endeavours also lead to the discovery of new states of matter which have also found potential commerical application which is now the topic a of a number of new international and national project applications.
Most important scientific results Annual report 2014, 2015, final report
Most important socioeconomically and culturally relevant results Annual report 2013, 2014, 2015, final report
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