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Quality Assurance and Development of an early warning system for microbial contaminations for the European Fruit Juice Industry

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1.  6007  Chamber of Commerce and Industry od Slovenia  Ljubljana  5021979  342 
European Small and Medium (SME) fruit juice producers face the problem of contamination of their products by lactate fermenting bacteria, provoking undesired fermentation processes and causing enormous financial losses for the afflicted companies. Responsible for these contaminations are an insufficient raw material quality (influenced by storage and climatic conditions), constructional deficits or insufficiently trained technical personnel. By the proposed collective research project the necessary tools to overcome these problems will be disposed to the community of European juice producing companies and other food producing companies facing this situation.The primary objective of QUALI-JUICE is to develop and validate an efficiently sensitive early warning system, which indicates a critical undesired bacterial spoilage during fruit juice production. The methodology will be applicable to all European juice producers for detection of microbial contamination with lactate producing bacteria. An early detection of beginning fermentation processes is beneficiary in several ways: Firstly, it helps to identify critical points in fruit processing. Hence, a substantial basis is given for decision-making towards repeated preservation measures (pasteurisation) in order to keep the juice suitable for human consumption. Thus, potential for saving raw material and production costs can be explored, increasing the productivity.The proposing associations will embed the early warning system technology in an overall training strategy for SME juice producers in order to provide an integrated approach for this specific industrial branch: The training strategy will therefore enfold also basic -resource management (logistics/raw material), -Good Manufacturing Practice, -tracing sources of microbial contamination throughout the complete production chain and quantifying risk factors in juice production according to current hygiene standards and regulations (HACCP)
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