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Removal of hazardous Substances in Electronics: Processes and Techniques for SMEs (GREENROSE)

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1.  0106  Jožef Stefan Institute  Ljubljana  5051606000  91,992 
2.  1530  HYB proizvodnja hibridnih vezij d.o.o. (Slovene)  Šentjernej  5479126000  31 
3.  1704  HIPOT-R&D Research and development in Technologies and Systems  Otočec  5981344  760 
4.  6007  Chamber of Commerce and Industry od Slovenia  Ljubljana  5021979  342 
Electronic devices have been used by consumers and in production and service in a steady increase for many years and contribute to economic growth. But with the growing production numbers, there is rising concern about the environmental effects of production, use, and disposal of electronic products. The project covers research, development and implementation of hazardous substances free technology as a basis for small and medium sized manufacturers of electrical and electronic products. Mastering of such green technology is necessary for existence, competitiveness and development of European electronic SMEs. The scientific and industrial partners will form a Virtual Academy to disseminate technical tools and guidelines to set up hazardous substances-free assembly of targeted products first at members of the partner lAGs in the form of training and workshops and then disseminate to the whole sector through publications in European and national technical journals, international conference presentations and in electronic form. The planned pilot production facilities will increase practical experience and technical knowledge, especially with regard to lead-free soldering processes and accompanying conditions such as emissions, reliability and working conditions.The proposed project will contribute to expanding the knowledge base of a very large group of European SMEs being confronted with these new challenges. It will increase their awareness of sustainable technology development, taking into account not only technical and economical but also environmental and social issues (working conditions and safety) as well as the legislative requirements. This knowledge will help them meet future challenges and market demands. As a final objective, the project aims in a proactive dissemination (technology transfer) approach through the network of Industrial Associations and Groupings, to help small and medium sized...
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