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Organski monokristali za aplikacije z visoko gibljivostjo (Slovene)

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1.02.00  Natural sciences and mathematics  Physics   

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1.03  Natural Sciences  Physical sciences 
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Researchers (7)
no. Code Name and surname Research area Role Period No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  34213  PhD Artem Badasyan  Physics  Researcher  2017 - 2018  93 
2.  06617  PhD Gvido Bratina  Physics  Head  2014 - 2018  216 
3.  33752  PhD Manisha Chhikara  Physics  Researcher  2014  16 
4.  37395  PhD Robert Nawrocki  Physics  Researcher  2014 
5.  33365  Srinivasa Rao Pathipati  Physics  Researcher  2014 
6.  22305  PhD Egon Pavlica  Physics  Researcher  2015 - 2018  103 
7.  37421  PhD Fei Tong  Physics  Researcher  2014 - 2017  14 
Organisations (1)
no. Code Research organisation City Registration number No. of publicationsNo. of publications
1.  1540  University of Nova Gorica  Nova Gorica  5920884000  14,067 
Significance for science
The main goal of the project was to improve the mobility in organic semiconductors for a factor of 10, which was achieved. Research in the field of novel methods of growth of organic semiconductor C8-BTBT, coupled to innovative methods of characterization of charge carrier transport we have obtained charge carrier mobility of 24 cm$^{2}$/Vs, which is more than tenfold increase in values, which were standard four years ago. This project has demonstrated the conditions of thin film fabrication and the molecules to be used to achieve ordered crystal growth and consequently high charge carrier mobility. We were the first to demonstrate the use of transient photocurrent measurements on coplanar-electrode structures on these materials. This enabled us to characterize charge carrier transport in the realm of low charge carrier concentrations, and demonstrate positive temperature dependence and negative filed dependence of the mobility. By using effective medium approximation we showed the role of structural disorder on long-range fluctuations of mobility band edge. These results will have important implications on future developments of single-crystal organic electronics.
Significance for the country
Organic electronics in Slovenia is relatively poorly developed, since only LFOS deals with this field, and some individual activities are present at the Jožef Stefan Institute, although in the world, especially in the countries of Western Europe, USA, Japan and Korea, research institutes and corporations invest considerable resources in the research of organic electronic components, solar cells, sensors. This project signifies a significant enrichment of Slovenian knowledge in the field of organic semiconductor monocrystals, which was so far very poorly known in Slovenia. We have gained valuable experience in the characterization of these materials with the high mobility of charge carriers, thus enabling the education of young people who will also be able to see a business opportunity in this regard, as startup companies in the world are very common in the field of organic electronics.
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