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Environmental optimisation of wood protection

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1.  19106  dr. Miha Humar  Gozdarstvo,  lesarstvo in papirništvo  Raziskovalec  1999 - 2004  1.345 
The general objective of COST Action E22 was to support and encourage the development and implementation of environmentally optimised technologies for wood protection. Its first achievement was to compile and publish a comprehensive State of the Art review of the scientific research and technological development of relevant new technologies in this field throughout the 21 participating member countries. Among the key scientific achievements were the Workshop presentations leading to a review of 'Heat treatments for wood' through which the processing parameters critical for effective and optimum improvement in durability properties could be defined, together with techniques for classifying the conferred durability and defining the limits of effectiveness for particular end uses. A similar review was also published in respect of oils and resins for wood treatment providing scientific evidence for the effectiveness of such treatments and for the scope of the service situations where they might be appropriate. In the context of these studies the Action also provided information and guidance on the disposal and remediation of such treated wood at the end of life. Information on the biological mechanisms of protection and of eventual breakdown was also presented. COST Action E22 made substantial progress in developing a Europe wide approach to the testing and evaluation of wood protection technologies using out of ground exposure techniques to predict durability performance and fitness for purpose. These studies are likely to find application and exploitation through the development of new and improved European standards. An important issue in the environmental optimisation of wood protection is the disposal of preservative wastes and treated wood at the end of life, as well as the remediation of soils contaminated by wood preservatives. COST Action E22 has published the results of studies reviewing and collating the latest technologies for soil remediation, including providing scientific evidence and support for systems capable of early commercial exploitation. Insect attack of wooden structures and commodities has a major economic impact in certain regions of Europe. In the southern countries termites are especially serious causes of damage. COST Action E22 reviewed new techniques for termite control based on various forms of biological rather then chemical mechanisms and published independent evaluations of the potential and efficacy of baiting systems in particular. Because the implementation of new technologies for environmentally improved wood protection depend critically on commercial exploitation and industry take up, the scientific success of E22 was greatly enhanced by its achievements in attracting strong industrial participation. An informative web-site was established ( which continues, following the ending of the Action, through the good offices of BfH, Lohbrugge, Hamburg. Apart from full publication of the proceedings of all Workshops and Meetings on the web-site, five hard copy publications have been prepared covering a 'State of the Art Review', a 'Review of heat treatments for wood', 'Oils and Water repellents in wood preservation', 'Remediation of soils contaminated with wood preservatives' and the 'Proceedings of the Final Workshop'.
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