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Accelerator Research and Innovation for European Science and Society

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1.  2548  COSYLAB, laboratorij za kontrolne sisteme, d.d.  Ljubljana  2161621  1.283 
Particle accelerators are essential tools for delivering excellence in many scientific fields and are widely used in industrial, healthcare and other applications. The demand of pushing further their scientific reach and of reinforcing their impact on society results in new challenges that must be addressed in the years to come: existing infrastructures are stretched to all performance frontiers, several world-class accelerator-based facilities on the ESFRI roadmap are under construction, and strategic decisions are needed for future accelerator facilities, to be realised on a global scale. To address these challenges, ARIES brings together a consortium of 41 beneficiaries from 18 countries: accelerator laboratories, technology institutes, universities and industrial partners to jointly address common challenges for the benefit of a number of projects and infrastructures in high-energy physics, as well as in photon and neutron science. By promoting complementary expertise, cross-disciplinary cooperation and a wider sharing of knowledge and technologies throughout academia and industry, ARIES will enhance the science and technology base for European accelerators. The main goals of ARIES are linked to developing and demonstrating novel concepts and further improving existing accelerator technologies, providing European researchers and industry with access to top-class accelerator research and test infrastructures, enlarging and further integrating the accelerator community in Europe, and developing a joint strategy towards sustainable accelerator S&T. ARIES comprises a strong industrial participation with 7 industrial partners, including two SMEs and one association. Innovation will be fostered by joint co-development programmes with industry, by supporting innovative technologies with market potential, and by advancing concepts and designs for medical, industrial and environmental applications of accelerators for the wide benefit of European science and society.
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